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2024 - 2025

Please read the following carefully before filling in the application form.

  1. Application procedures
    1. Fill in Page 1 of the application form online and upload a student photo.
      (Format of photo: jpg, jpeg. Maximum file size: 5MB. Photo size: 35mm(W) x 45mm(H))
    2. Print out the PDF file generated by the system.
    3. Complete pages 2 to 4 of the application form in writing.
    4. Submit the hardcopy of the form along with other supporting documents to the General Office in person during office hours (Mon–Fri: 9:00am–4:30pm; Sat: 9:00am–11:30am) from 22nd November 2021 onward. Present all original copies of the documents which have been submitted with the application form for verification.
    5. If your application is received on or before 18th December 2021, shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview on 15th / 22nd January 2022 (Saturday). If your application is received after 18th December 2021, shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview at a later stage. Those who are not invited for the selection interview may assume that their applications are unsuccessful.
  2. Documents to be submitted with the application form in person to the school
    1. The completed form should be submitted together with the following:
      1. A non-refundable and non-transferable application fee of HK $100 in cash / by Octopus
      2. Photocopy of student's birth certificate
      3. Photocopy of student's HKID card
      4. Photocopy of student's Passport or valid identity document(s) (if applicable)
      5. Photocopy of Primary 5 yearly school report
      6. Photocopy of Primary 6 mid-year school report
      7. Photocopy of Primary 6 yearly school report, if any
      8. Photocopy of Primary 6 Student Record Form issued by EDB
      9. Supporting documents showing student's academic or non-academic achievements, if any
        (Please provide the most recent/highest qualifications/ results only. Max: 8 pages)
    2. All documents submitted will not be returned.
    3. Your application will not be processed until the application fee is received. The application fee is non-refundable.
  3. Interviews
    1. Selected candidates will be notified by email to attend an interview which will be conducted in English and Putonghua/Cantonese. Please check your email inbox and junk mailbox periodically.
    2. Parents will also be invited to attend the interview together with the candidate.
    3. Junior Secondary Chinese Language lessons for the 2024-2027 cohort will be conducted in either Putonghua or Cantonese depending on parents' preferences and the Putonghua abilities of the students. Please indicate on the application form your Chinese Language preference. The interview for the Chinese Language part will be conducted in the language according to your preference.
    4. Applicants who have chosen Putonghua as the medium of instruction in Junior Secondary Chinese Language lessons are required to take a Putonghua Listening Assessment to determine if they are eligible for the Putonghua class.
  4. Criteria for selecting S1 candidates:

    Academic Performance & General Knowledge

    30 marks

    Language Proficiency & Communication Skills (English, Putonghua or Cantonese)

    20 marks

    Conduct &Self-Management

    20 marks

    Learning Attitude & Interpersonal Relationship

    20 marks

    Bonus marks:
    - Outstanding achievements in sports, art and design or technology
    - Parents or siblings being past / current student of Lam Tai Fai College

    15 marks
    5 marks

  5. Release of results
    1. Application results will be released within 6 weeks of the individual interview. Successful candidates will be asked to hand in their Primary 6 Identification Form and to sign a "Letter of Undertaking" with the school, confirming that the student will give up any subsidized S1 places allocated through the Secondary School Places Allocation System.
    2. Our school will not participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation. All S1 students will be admitted only through our admission and selection process. According to the guidelines given by the Education Bureau, after you have submitted your application form, you are still eligible for applying to another school through Secondary School Discretionary Places.
  6. Enquiries
    Please direct all enquiries concerning student admission to Ms. Ashley Tsang of the General Office.
    Tel: 2786 1990 Fax: 2786 9617 E-mail: [email protected]



  1. 在網上填妥申請表第一頁,並上載學生照片。
    (照片格式:jpg, jpeg. 檔案大小限制:5MB以內。照片大小:35毫米(闊)乘45毫米(高))
  2. 列印系統匯出的PDF檔。
  3. 親筆填妥申請表第二頁至第四頁。
  4. 請於辦公時間(星期一至五:上午9:00至下午4:30;星期六:上午9:00至上午11:30)內親臨校務處呈交紙本申請表及其他證明文件。請務必帶同在申請表內提及的所有證明文件正本作核對之用。


  1. 請繳交填妥的申請表及下列文件:
    1. 不設退換及轉讓的報名費現金100元
    2. 學生出生證明影印本
    3. 學生身分證影印本
    4. 學生護照影印本或有效的身分證明文件影印本(如適用)
    5. 小五上、下學期成績表影印本
    6. 小六上學期成績表影印本,如有
    7. 小六上、下學期成績表影印本,如有
    8. 教育局頒發的小六學生資料表影印本
    9. 可展示學生學術或非學術成就的證明文件,如有(請提供最近期/最高的資格/成績。最多八頁。)
  2. 所有呈交的文件將不獲發還。


  1. 獲選的申請人會收到電郵通知面試。面試將以英文及普通話或粵語進行。請定時檢查電郵收件匣或垃圾郵件。
  2. 家長將受邀與申請人一同參加面試。
  3. 2024-2027年度初中中文課程將按家長意願及學生普通話能力安排學生就讀普通話授課或粵語授課的組別。請在申請表內填寫中文課授課語言的意願。中文面試採用之語言將據申請人填寫之意願安排。
  4. 選擇以普通話為初中中文課授課語言的申請人,將需通過普通話聆聽評估,以確定其適合就讀普通話班。
















  1. 申請結果將在進行個人面試後六星期內公佈。成功的申請人將需繳交小六學生資料表及與校方簽承諾,以確定學生將放棄任何通過中學學位分配辦法獲得的津貼中一學位。
  2. 本校不參與中學學位分配辦法。所有中一學生必須通過本校入學申請及遴選過程方可收錄為本校學生。根據教育局指引,繳交申請表後,你仍可通過自行分配學位報讀其他學校。


電話:2786 1990        傳真:2786 9617        電郵:[email protected]

Financial Assistance for Students
School-based Fee remission Scheme
For students with financial hardship, our school offers a School-based Fee Remission. Application Forms and Application Guidelines can be obtained from the General Office or downloaded from our school website ( from July 2022. You may refer to our website for other details.

有實質經濟困難的學生, 可以申請由本校提供的校本學費資助計劃。從 2022 年 7 月起,申請表格及申請指引可於校務處索取,亦可於本校網頁(下載。詳情請參閱本校網頁。

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