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2021 - 2022

Please read the following carefully before filling in the application form.

  1. Application procedures
    1. Fill in Page 1 of the application form online.
    2. Print out the PDF file generated by the system.
    3. Complete pages 2 to 3 of the application form in writing.
    4. Submit the hardcopy of the form along with other supporting documents to the General Office in person during office hours (Mon–Fri: 9:00am–5:00pm; Sat: 9:00am–12:00pm)
  2. Documents to be submitted with the application form
    1. The completed form should be submitted together with the following:
      1. Photocopy of student's birth certificate
      2. Photocopy of student's HKID card
      3. Photocopy of student's Passport or valid identity document(s) (if applicable)
      4. Photocopy of Primary 5 yearly school report
      5. Photocopy of Primary 6 mid-year school report
      6. Photocopy of Primary 6 yearly school report, if any
      7. Photocopy of Primary 6 Student Record Form issued by EDB
      8. Supporting documents showing student's academic or non-academic achievements, if any
      9. Application fee of HK$60 (please pay exact amount in cash).
    2. All documents submitted will not be returned.
    3. Your application will not be processed until the application fee is received. The application fee is non-refundable.
  3. Interviews
    1. Selected candidates will be notified by email to attend an interview which will be conducted in English and Putonghua/Cantonese.
    2. Parents will also be invited to attend the interview together with the candidate.
    3. Junior Secondary Chinese Language lessons for the 2020-2023 cohort will be conducted in either Putonghua or Cantonese depending on parents' preferences and the Putonghua abilities of the students. Please indicate on the application form your Chinese Language preference. The interview for the Chinese Language part will be conducted in the language according to your preference.
    4. During the interview, candidates must be able to present all original copies of the documents which have been submitted with the application form.
    5. Applicants who have chosen Putonghua as the medium of instruction in Junior Secondary Chinese Language lessons and have successfully passed the interview are required to take a Putonghua Listening Assessment to determine if they are eligible for the Putonghua class.
  4. Criteria for selecting S1 candidates:

    Academic Performance & General Knowledge

    30 marks

    Language Proficiency & Communication (English, Putonghua or Cantonese)

    30 marks

    Conduct & Learning Attitude

    30 marks

    Interests, Extra-curricular Activities

    10 marks

    Bonus marks:
    - Outstanding achievements in sports, art and design or technology
    - Parents or siblings being past / current student of Lam Tai Fai College

    15 marks
    5 marks

  5. Release of results
    1. Application results will be released within 6 weeks of the individual interview. Successful candidates will be asked to hand in their Primary 6 Identification Form and to sign a "Letter of Undertaking" with the school, confirming that the student will give up any subsidized S1 places allocated through the Secondary School Places Allocation System.
    2. Our school will not participate in the Secondary School Places Allocation. All S1 students will be admitted only through our admission and selection process. According to the guidelines given by the Education Bureau, after you have submitted your application form, you are still eligible for applying to another school through Secondary School Discretionary Places.
  6. Enquiries
  7. Please direct all enquiries concerning student admission to Ms. Dora Li of the General Office.
    Tel: 2786 1990 Fax: 2786 9617 E-mail: [email protected]

Financial Assistance for Students
School-based Fee remission Scheme
To ensure that financial hardship does not deprive students of the opportunity to be admitted, the school offers a School-based Fee Remission Scheme no less favourable than the government fee remission scheme. Application Forms and Application Guidelines can be obtained from the General Office or downloaded from our school website ( from July 2020. You may refer to our website for other details.


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